Friday nights in SoHo are usually known for Happy Hour at Macd’s, HPK Happy Hour, or maybe a low-key movie at Cinebistro. Well this Friday was a TAD bit different. Allison texted me when she was done with work trying to figure out what to do on this quiet, Friday night around 5:30pm. Well, I had just the event to kickstart our night! She picked me up and we met Rob over at The Swann Market  for a Champagne and Wine Tasting Event. The small deli, located near Hyde Park Village on W. Swann Ave is set up like a small deli, however, it boasts a HUGE variety of beers, wines, and champs for everyone’s liking!


photo-25  Under new ownership, this place is on its way to being a great little stop to stock up on drinks before heading out for your weekend festivities. They also have a deli that makes BOAR’S HEAD SANDWICHES!!! YES! Anyways, after chatting with the new owners, we found out that Baily and her husband Chris  are gearing up for a Grand Opening in late June, so stay tuned to hear more about that upcoming event. Let’s rally around this new Tampa hot spot and welcome them into our community as only Hyde Parkers know how!

– Nicholas

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