Looking for a unique place to see a concert, check out the latest fashion of the Tampa Bay area, or host a special event? Make sure you check out the The RITZ Ybor. Don’t get this confused with the luxurious hotel chain around the world. The RITZ Ybor was originally built as a theatre in 1917 where local Tampanians could see a play for only 15-35 cents! Wouldn’t that be an amazing deal in the modern day! The venue was renovated within the past 5 years and modernized to meet today’s needs. Don’t worry folks the renovations kept the venue’s old time feeling in tack. The Ritz Ybor offers an intimate venue for up and coming artists to perform or people to hosts special events (ie. Weddings, cocktail parties, fashion shows, etc.).

The most recent event the NHIE Crew attended was to see the up and coming British singer, Olly Murs, North American tour. For anyone that may not know, Olly Murs was the runner-up in the sixth season of the British X Factor.  When we walked in we felt slightly out of place, being the handful of people that didn’t have an “X” on their hand. Once we found our spot (away from the minors) got our first round of drinks, we knew the night would all work out. Most of his music was new to us and Allison and I fell in love with almost every song. We stayed towards the back near the bar and had a perfect view, on some concerts the VIP 2nd floor is opened up for an unobtrusive view of the stage.  The design of the facility allows almost a perfect view from any spot; there’s no need to get there super early (unless it’s one of their A-list performers). The sound system is on point and the lightning is top notch. It definitely allows for a great show.


The Ritz Ybor has different events throughout the week from an eclectic mix of performers. Concerts range from Pop (Olly Murs /Aaron Carter/etc.) to Indy Rock (Gizzly Bear – June 19) to Electric House (Icona Pop August 18). Don’t worry about spending too much money tickets to shows usually are in the $20 range and are general admission.  Whatever the event and your preference may be make sure you check out what The Ritz Ybor has to offer.


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