Since I have moved to Florida, I have been all about the A/C. I love the feel of cool air when I come home from a long day running errands, a day at the office or (perhaps) a day at the beach. However, the worst feeling is coming home to a muggy home from the constant air flow and high humidity we have in Tampa. So, Nicholas and I decided to “liven up” our home with some healthy plants.

Did you know that it is recommended that you place 10-15 plants around your home? Neither did we, until we started shopping around for some low maintenance plants to place to brighten up our living room.

First stop, our local Ikea where we were able to pick up a plant as well as the pot to plant it in… good thing about Ikea is not only that anyone can spend hours browsing the endless lamps, dressers and decor, but you can also eat some good ol’ Swedish meatballs after checkout. This trip was about picking up a modern pot to pair with a low maintenance palm.

Our Ikea Find
Our Ikea Find

Fun fact, the internet tells me that NASA did a study that having houseplants has shown a reduction of toxins from the air and reduce noise in your home!

Second stop, HOME DEPOT! A great destination to pick up a few generic plants to add to the collection around the house. They have a good selection of filtered light plants that all come with a nice tag so we never forget how to take care of it.

Our Home Depot Picks
Our Home Depot Picks

Fun fact #2, a blog post from states that plants do more than clean the air in your home, they actually enhance your mood and energy.

And the third and final stop on our trip was all about adding some contrast and interest to our space all while keeping in mind the benefits of having more plants at home. So we headed to Bloom Garden Shop on MacDill (just off of Bay to Bay) to pick up some succulents and air plants.

Straight from the Flower Shop
Straight from the Flower Shop
Beautiful Succulents and Air Plants
Beautiful Succulents and Air Plants

I recommend stopping by Bloom Flower Shop if you need some personal assistance picking out the right plants and/or flowers for you. Air plants are particularly difficult to take care of and our first go around wasn’t very successful but when the staff at Bloom was able to give us some tips and tricks to keep them alive.. since then we have been much more successful.

Personally, I feel that plants are a great way to “liven up” any home or office no matter where you live, but especially here in Tampa. Next time you are out on a Sunday running errands, swing by the neighborhood home improvement store or if you want a more hands on experience stop by a local flower and plant shop.

Catch up with you soon,


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