I have to admit I have not experienced this personally yet. I am posting in hope to gain some awareness for this awesome organization, The Urban Conga. This group is an example of how the Tampa community can become more engaging and the culture can grow. With so many amazing events, activities and spaces popping up all over Tampa and specifically downtown, The Urban Conga is working hard to build a stronger connection between the city and its people.

The Urban Conga is the brainchild of four University of South Florida students. These thought provokers are spawning interactive playgrounds all over the city and already have a long list of new ways to engage.

Learn more about The Urban Conga from this video:

To support The Urban Conga contribute to their Kickstarter campaign. Keep up with the latest and greatest from them on their website, http://www.theurbanconga.com/.

I can’t wait to stumble upon an origami playground, an interactive projector or maybe even something new. You may even find the four of us wandering the streets in search of… WAIT, no need I will just be checking their website and Facebook page for updates on new projects.

– Ryan

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