On a daily basis I think to myself, I am hungry for a greasy grilled cheese or some disco fries (Yes, that’s fries with melted cheese and brown gravy). But tonight it wasn’t just a thought. Nicholas and I cashed in a gift card that has been cluttering our counter for months and visited Daily Eats. This place is filled with customers for breakfast and brunch but much less crazy at dinner.

Check out those options!
Check out those options!

I have to admit, in the three years I have lived in Tampa I have only been to Daily Eats a hand full of times and I don’t know why I don’t go more often. Daily Eats is like a friendly neighborhood diner with a modern and comfortable atmosphere. Being from New York diners come dime a dozen but not in Tampa. Daily Eats stands out because of their creative menu and offerings. You can find their menu filled with plenty of healthy options but some how when I try to order something from it, it turns out like this…

The "Healthy" Turkey Burger
The “Healthy” Turkey Burger

“I’ll have the POTATO CHIP crusted turkey burger on whole grain topped with feta,” and then I have to make a decision on a side, “what type of fruit comes on the side?” The second the waitress says melon, count me out. So I order the coleslaw thats soaking in a creamy and flavorful dressing. So I wasn’t so successful with my healthy option turkey burger but I can say that I throughly enjoyed myself. As I was chowing down on my burger, before I even remembered to take a picture, Nicholas was across the table chowing down on his pulled chicken sandwich and baked beans. Both great options in my opinion.

Before we got to enjoy our meals we had plenty of time to catch up on our day, which I enjoyed, however it made me recall why I wasn’t back more frequently. The service here is a little slow! Not slow enough to walk out on the great food but it could use a little work. Maybe the time is a tactic so every customer checks out the imaginative shake menu or salivate over the everything bars that sat atop the baked goods display. Or maybe its best to order an appetizer to kill the time.

Shake Menu
Shake Menu

Either way, we still have another gift card to cash in and the “Cap’n Crunch” shake is calling my name.

Anyone interested in dining with me next time?


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