As I’m sure most of you have heard and seen- L.A Fitness is now open. The new signature club on the corner of Dale Mabry and Azeele seemed to take forever to open it’s doors but earlier this month the time had come. Since I’ve been heavy into Bar Method I decided not to sign up for a membership when a bunch of my friends did (not to mention Bar was still free) but last week the ever popular “free guest pass” came in the mail. With some newly acquired free time, I figured it was the perfect time to hit the gym.


Last Tuesday night Rob and I headed over and parked in the parking garage. I figured I would be sat down, and given the long spiel and forced into taking a tour of the place- not the case. They sat me down for about 5 minutes to grab my info and sent me on my way. Being a swimmer it was only natural that I head to  the pool. It isn’t the huge 8 lane pool I’m accustomed too, but the 3 lanes were just fine, and Rob and I slipped in with about 4 other people. Word to the wise: Keep your head up to avoid collisions!

After we dried off we took our own tour and checked out the large rooms for spin and Zumba. They have tons of treadmills and ellipticals for everyone. We headed upstairs to check out the basketball courts,  3 racquetball courts (since when did everyone start playing racquetball?) and the eye candy lifting weights 🙂

The next night a friend of ours invited us to come check out spin class with Felicia.  Being that it was my first spin class I had no idea what to expect, but the group we went with got us all set up and ready for class. Holy Crap! I have never sweat so much in my life. We were up, then we were down- the music was fast, and then slow. The lights were off- then they were on. It was hard to keep up but at about minute 43 I finally got the hang of things. Granted class was only 60 minutes, I thought those 17 minutes of knowing what was happening was super beneficial to my overall physique. When it was all said and done we hopped off the bikes and stretched out. Class dismissed.


In my trial week I had a chance to swim, take 2 spin classes, lift some weights and get some cardio in, and all without being called or emailed. I did however receive a text at the end of my week asking how it went. (I’ll take that) I appreciated the fact that I wasn’t harassed (I’m looking at you Choice Fitness) into joining.  So thank you L.A Fitness for an enjoyable workout and I suggest to the other South Tampanians to dig your free week out of the trash or out from under your pile of mail you have on your microwave; (or is that just us?)- and check it out!

Feel the Burn- Allison

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