It has been a long time coming for me and it didn’t happen like I expected. I always expected my first trip to Boca Kitchen.Bar.Market to be a romantic dinner for two with plenty of wine and a delicious meal. Not only because its always exciting to have date night but what better place to spend the night than a place that thoughtfully plans its menu to encourage sharing and exploration as well as a motto of, “Local, simple and honest.” It feels good to eat somewhere that thinks about the community as much as it thinks about its bottom line.


This past Saturday a few of us decided to plan brunch and since not all of us have been to Oxford Exchange, we had to go back (any excuse to go back and sorry for not posting about OE but will do soon). Well as it turns out, Oxford Exchange has picked up some traction and there was an hour wait just for three of us. So we turned to Yelp to help us locate something just as good. That’s when Boca popped up and it was instantly agreed that we would go.

As you can imagine, after all of that, I was ready to chow down on a good meal and a mimosa. So that is what we did. We all ordered a mimosa, one of each option, orange, blood orange and grapefruit (my choice). Then before the waitress could finish telling us about the “Staff Meal” I already told her to bring it on! The “Staff Meal” is something of a chef’s choice.

“Staff Meal”

This meal was no joke! Two fried green tomatoes, sausage patties, topped with the house chili and two fried eggs, accompanied by some tasty homefries. I can never get myself to order lunch at brunch but that didn’t stop the others from ordering a Mozzarella Tomato and Basil sandwich and the Boca Burger. Both looked equally delicious and if my meal wasn’t so big I would have tried both.

The meal was just what I needed on a beautiful Saturday morning, and so was the scenery. Yes, Boca is located conveniently off a high traffic road but once inside, the structure is so beautiful that it makes you feel as if you are on a local farm. The band posters on the wall represent an equally impressive playlist of alternative rock. Looking around you could see the house grown herbs and recently delivered local product that truly make this place feel like a community gathering spot.

I would love to hear about your experiences. Leave a comment below.



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