We’ve been hitting various bars around Tampa for years now and there is one bar that is always a good time.  The winner is of course Macdinton’s Irish Pub; one of Tampa’s oldest and most notable bars on South Howard. It’s not just for the music, the relaxed atmosphere, or the ample amount of people there on any given night; but it’s mainly for the bartenders.  MacDinton’s is located in the middle of South Howard. MacDinton’s is the perfect place to go rain or shine as it offers 4 bars outside and 4 bars inside. You’ll never wait that long for a drink with that many bars (unless it’s the last 10 minutes of their Friday Happy Hour). There is live music and/or a DJ, a multitude of sporting events being shown on one of their numerous tvs, and of course- drink specials. MacDinton’s is a casual bar (no tank tops for boys other than on Sunday Funday ), where the customers range from 21 to mid 30’s (with the occasional outlier).

My experience started years ago when I knew just one bartender, Kelly. She always knew what I wanted and had my drink waiting for me.  When I would go to the bar I would only go to her no matter how crowded her bar was. She was quick and made a perfect rum and coke (my drink of choice in the olden days).

Just recently I have spread my wings and my tip money to other bartenders (and boy was I not sorry for that). Some of the new bartenders I’ve been frequenting are Cari, Kelli, Sharon, John (JK/Helmet), and Zach; all of which have made up special concoctions for us.  These amazing guys and girls really know how to mix a drink. It’s perfect if you don’t know exactly what you want or are looking to try something different. Our newest drink of choice, the Pretty Polynesian, was created for us by Kelli. We told her we wanted a healthy (as healthy as an alcoholic drink can be) fruity drink. She decided to mix Barcardi Dragonberry Rum, soda water, and a splash of orange juice. This fresh, sweet, and thirst quenching drink was perfect. If you’re looking for a good creative vodka drink, Cari is your girl. She created the Hawaiian Punch Your Face, which is a mixture of vodka, Hawaiian punch, and some secret ingredients she won’t let me share. The boys are constantly mixing us up a variety of shots that have ranged from Mountain Dew to Pineapple Upside Down Cakes. And Sharon, who is straight from Ireland, can make a perfect whiskey drink.

No matter which bartender you decide to get your drink from you won’t be disappointed. These bartenders sure know how to make you feel at home. Did I mention these drinks aren’t weak either? Regardless of the bartender, you’re sure to be served with warm welcome and a pearly white smile. Just be careful or else one (or 6) of these drinks will sneak up on you. Don’t drink and drive and remember always TIP YOUR BARTENDERS!!!


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