You will come to learn that since I work in Clearwater, just over the Howard Franklin Bridge, that I am constantly on the hunt for good restaurants. There are not that many stand up places that I visit frequently so when a new place moves in I am eager to get through the door.

It was not even two months ago that my favorite lunchtime Thai restaurant was closed (Thai Lotus) due to lack of business. I don’t think the same is going to happen at The Grand Siam (that’s right not Grand Slam) on Ulmerton Rd, a modern Thai restaurant with traditional Thai dishes and a Sushi bar. It’s open for lunch now but in a week or two it will be open late for after work drinks and even late night dining and dancing.

I was pleasantly surprised that the menu was large enough that I had options (even sushi) but not too many that I would be overwhelmed. A staple to every Thai menu, Pad Thai is my go to option, so I had to see how it stacked up against my previous favorite. I ordered off the lunch menu so my dish came with a soup and spring roll (the sauce is a must have!).

All lunch specials come with a soup and spring roll.

The plate of noodles came out complete with crushes peanuts, large chunks of scallion and filled with chicken. It was covered in delicious sauce and delivered piping hot so you knew it was fresh. This plate measured up to some of the best dishes I have tasted. I finished by ordering a Thai coffee, I happened to see a cook drinking one in the back so I knew it had to be authentic (one day I will write about my travels to Thailand). The coffee comes iced and can be compared to a deep espresso roast with a chocolate like taste. I am not a huge fan of chocolate but it’s the right amount of flavor. I left satisfied and full, in fact I could not finish my whole dish because it was so large. I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other dishes.

Pad Thai

On the way out I met the owner, Canny. Canny is a great guy and very welcoming. From what I know he has worked in the industry for over 8 years and knows how to run a great venue.

Link to Yelp
The Grand Siam on Urbanspoon

Enjoy your Pad Thai… Ryan

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