Saturdays for us mean the kitchen is closed! After a week of cooking up breakfasts, preparing lunches and whipping up dinners it’s time to give our culinary skills a much needed break. For the purpose of our empty stomachs and our need try new things we headed over to PDQ on Dale Mabry. PDQ, which stands for both Pretty Darn Quick and People Dedicated to Quality was launched by the co-founder of Outback here in Tampa last year. Even though it’s nearing the one year anniversary, we never made it a point to get over there. But since we have this blog now- and we were hungry, we scooted down towards Plant High School to get our grub on.

The first thing I noticed about the restaurant was how fresh and modern it looked. It offers plenty of seating (both inside and outside- although I don’t really see Dale Mabry as a very appealing thing to view while scarfing down my chicken sandwich) but very nice none the less. Once inside, we received a friendly greeting and were directed towards the menu. We saw that it wasn’t just chicken sandwiches, but also turkey sandwiches and salads.

After a little deliberation – mostly because the menu isn’t that large – the boys decided on the crispy chicken sandwich with a side of fries and a strawberry shake. I went for the grilled chicken sandwich, with a side of coleslaw. After grabbing our drinks from the 2 Coke Freestyle Machines  we found that the mantra, “pretty darn quick” stood its ground as we had our food within minutes. As I got down with my sandwich, the boys were diggin’ into their fries like nobody’s business. It was only until they were about half way through that they made their decision. “I’m not sure I’m loving these fries.” It was agreed upon that  they weren’t as crispy as they would have liked. A little “mushy” is how they were described. As for their sandwiches they couldn’t have been happier. Rob even decided to get a little fancy with it and order his sandwich with spicy mayo as opposed to the generic mayo it comes with; a twist he said he was happy he made. 

As the boys were munching down, I started in on my sandwich and coleslaw. After hearing what the boys had to say about their fries I was happy I went for the ‘slaw. Their coleslaw appeared to be pre-made because of the plastic container it comes in (but don’t quote me on that) Didn’t matter to me though, it was delicious. It even had some black olives mixed in, which I’m not accustomed to in my ‘slaw but loved the extra zing of taste. Finally, it was time for dessert. Rob opted for a strawberry shake but we learned that they also offer specialty shakes beside the 3 standard flavors. Others include Oreo, Heath, Malt, Apple Pie (totally trying this next time) and Seasonal. He said he liked that it was thick and not runny like some other place’s milkshakes.

After the meal it was time to clean up. While we’re pretty sure this is aimed towards the children, the boys had no problem trying out PDQ’s hand washing station. Once the meal was over and our hands were clean we made our final verdict- while it is a great location for Plant High School students to grab lunch, and it was definitely a great grab for a Saturday afternoon, we didn’t feel it will be a “go to” in the future.

Happy Grubbing! – Allison



Check out these deals during the month of November in honor of PDQ’s 1 year Anniversary:

– $5 Combo Meal

– Buy 1 get one Free Milkshake


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