At least that’s what the Lime has declared. What could be more exciting then cheap and delicious tacos on a weeknight?… Add a $2 Corona and I am sold. Visit the Lime on any week night and the crowd will be good but on Tuesday its great. The DJ sets the mood with some great tunes and the bar is filled with young professionals after work, young-ins before they head out for the night and everything in between.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere. In addition to the music, the decor is on point with a high end mexican restaurant and topped with a beautiful mural. It definitely provides  comfort and an effortless down to earth feeling.

This time around I planned to order 3 tacos ( a whole $6!). Usually, I stay far away from seafood, but tonight I was feeling adventurous so I went for a Tuna Caliente, Ancho Chicken and Carne Asada. It was easy to eat all of them without looking up (make sure you use a napkin). I went for the soft corn tortillas and opted to squeeze lime on all three. The tuna taco was full of flavor, my favorite part being the pineapple. I would highly recommend all three.

The presentation is simple but the plate keeps the tacos from sharing flavors.

One thing I noticed is that they recently upgraded their menu and I must say, it is MUCH better than the old. Not only does it legitimize the establishment and yell… “We will be here for a while,” but it just makes the whole experience better, easy to read and on brand with the rest of the decor.

I recommend planning to spend some time hanging either before or after your meal. The bar is very accesible and the tables by the bar are a great place if you are planning to have a large group. Not to mention you will most likely have to wait for a table any time after 6:30.

Hope to see you there next week… Ryan



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