Living in Florida means 3 things, humid weather, rainy summers and minimal clothing. So looking good is definitely a priority for those living in South Tampa. I mean- have you ever been to Bayshore on a weekday around 6pm? It’s PACKED!! Our group definitely likes to stay active but by no means are we signing up for the next Ironman.

In the past year we’ve seen running clubs pop up everywhere. In an effort to be “in with the in crowd” we decided to join up. We made our way over to one of our favorite places to grab a brew. Only this time, instead of consuming calories with their amazing drinks and delicious food, we’d be cutting them. That’s right folks, we made our debut at the Irish 31 Running Club.

On a gorgeous Wednesday evening we headed down Swann Ave. around 6:15 toward Irish 31. We were shocked to see how many people were hanging out by the patio. We got in the “new comers” line, signed up, signed our waiver and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited. Since there were so many newbies to the club it took forever to get our run started. Finally we were ready to get going and made our way across the street and onto Rome Ave. After we took a group photo it was announced that the first three guys and first three girls would receive a free beer. Now I like a refreshing beer as  much as the next girl, but I certainly wasn’t going to go all Prefontaine on everyone’s ass just to get it. Once the initial talking points had concluded, we were off.

The route we took was pretty basic- down Rome Ave. to Bayshore, right on Bayshore, down to Bay to Bay, turn around and run back. In total we ran a 5k (3.1 miles). Everytime I run on Bayshore I immediately forget about the fact that I’m putting my body through an intense workout. Looking out over the water always makes my mind wander and I don’t even realize the pain. I’ve seen some crazy things on those runs- dolphins, stingrays, and Nicholas’ friend even saw an alligator once!

The weather was perfect for a nice early evening run and the group was moving at a good pace. In the first 5 minutes the group had stretched out and took up a good portion of Bayshore. About 7 minutes in I said bye to Nick and Ryan as they took off.

Once we had successfully made it through the run it was time to eat. Irish 31 had provided the runners with pasta and fruit salads. Just like everything else that comes out of their kitchen, it was delicious. Others enjoyed some drink specials while members of the club socialized. We learned about some upcoming runs that were taking place nearby and even heard about what they’re doing with the MeetUp App.

This is an app that allows you to sign into the club without having to wait in line. Download the app, search for Irish 31 Running Club, and sign in on the date you’ll be attending. You are then entered to win some awesome prizes including Bucs tickets, t-shirts and much more. Another cool thing about the club is that after just 5 runs you get an Irish 31 Running Club t-shirt. That is motivation enough to go back.

After the workout was complete and the food was gone we left with smiles on our faces. It was a great time with some great people of all ages and we will definitely be returning sometime soon!

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